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Take a few minutes break from everyday life by playing mahjong (also called mahjongg) for free. Whether on the smartphone, in the train, at work or at home, you can play the online version of Mahjong here for free.

Mahjong - Rules

At Mahjong, the stones are in rows next to each other and also on top of each other. The aim is to pair all tiles and level them down level by level. The pieces must be removed in pairs per turn. You can select two tiles with the same image and remove them. However, you can only select the stones if they are also exposed. That means: The stone must be free at the right or left edge, it must not be next to a row. The difficulty is to strategically clear the stones so you can break them all down.

Purpose of the game: You have won in mahjong when you have cleared all the stones.

Mahjong - Tips and Tricks

You are a beginner and you want to improve yourself in mahjong? Perfect your playing skills with our tips. Evenly remove the stones
Make sure that you always break the stones evenly. Otherwise, you might end up with a leftover stack that can only be broken down with great skill, in the worst case scenario. Set priorities and look ahead: it is important which stones you mine. If stones are free, do not dismantle them directly. If it is possible, save it up. Maybe you can still use these stones in the end. With each pair release new pieces that you can use for the next turn.

You do not see the couple for the stones? Click on the light bulb and get a hint.

What is Mahjong about?

Mahjong's goal is to clear a block of pieces. This sounds easier than it really is: tokens can only be removed in pairs - those that are exposed on the right or left edge. Here you have to strategically plan every turn.

The story

Legend has it that Mahjong (or Mahjongg, Mah Jongg) was born out of boredom: a beautiful woman was bored in the yard of King Wu. From ivory and bamboo she carved figures in the form of domino stones and then played with her maids with it. The Chinese philosopher Confucius is said to have developed it later to Mahjong.

A true classic since the 18th century
Since when the game really exists, no one knows exactly. The story of it is still controversial. The game is said to have been inspired by ancient Chinese dominoes and card games, historians believe. Such games have existed in China since the 10th and 11th centuries. However, the first historical records of the game date back to the 18th century.

The international success of Mahjong
The game became world-wide successful through the traveler Joseph Park Babcock. He traveled to China in the 1920s and was excited about it. He noted down the rules of the various mahjong versions after his trip to China and took his rules book to the US. Babcock changed the rules and spread the game. Mahjong enjoyed great popularity in America - but only for a short time.

In the 1980s it was rediscovered as a computer game. Today, the online version has far outperformed the board game.